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    Natural Product Number (NPN)
    Assistance to obtain Natural Product Number (NPN)
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Need a Site Licence to be able to manufacture, package, label or even only to import Natural Health Products?  Our Quality system, which we put in place in several companies, allowed them all, without exception to get their Site Licence.  We can train employees, create Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) to suit your particular needs.

You don’t know from where to start when it comes to filing a submission to get a Product Licence (NPN).  Are your evidences for safety and efficacy solid enough to get you a NPN?  Is your product a traditional or non-traditional Natural Health Product?  What information should be on the label?  How to build a natural health product specification?   Find all the answers from us.  We filed hundreds of Product Licence applications and got NPNs for all of them.

From day one, we’ve been very successful in natural health products regulatory affairs.

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