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Import of natural health products in Canada is sometime very complex for the exporter.  Canada has been very pro-active by regulating natural health product using the drug model regulation.  All natural health products must get a Product Licence identified by a NPN (Natural Product Number) before it reaches Canada.  The manufacturer and the packager must be GMP compliant.  The importer must get a Site Licence for importer in order to be allowed to import natural health products.

Our consultants have helped several importers to get a Site Licence by supplying them with the quality system for importers required as per the Natural Health Product Regulation.  We also supply all necessary Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), forms and templates of records required for the importer to comply with the regulation.  We then train the employees to use the quality system so that the natural health products imported comply with all aspect of the regulation. 

For exporters, we offer the NPN application service and we can find importers and distributors for their products.

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