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    Cosmetics registration in Canada
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There is a very fine line between a cosmetic product and a Natural Health Product or even a Drug. 

What are the criteria of a cosmetic?

The cosmetic product must first have a cosmetic function; this means it must be used to clean, hydrate, perfume or modify the appearance of the skin, hair, nails, teeth or colour of the skin of human or animals.  A cosmetic must be made of a substance or group of substances that is applied on the body.  In certain cases, substances applied inside the body for instance in the nasal or vaginal cavities may be a cosmetic or a drug depending on its function.  A cosmetic cannot include a substance that has a therapeutic function, this would be a drug.  For example a deodorant is a cosmetic while an antiperspirant is a drug.

Labelling of cosmetics

Writing texts for cosmetic labels is close to an art.  The rules are very strict when is comes to labelling cosmetics.  In order to stay within the criteria of cosmetics, words having a therapeutic meaning must be avoided: a drug controls dandruff while a cosmetic takes off dandruff.  One can say a cosmetic is an cleanser but not that it kills germs.
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Cosmetic declaration

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  • Do you know how to get an Exportation Certificate so you can sell your cosmetic outside Canada?
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