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We are very proud of being highly appreciated in the Natural Health Product (NHP) domain by Health Canada's employees and our customers.  We offer all regulatory and quality assurance services required by Canada's laws and regulations.  We do it all.
Our experience with pharmaceutical products manufacturers are very appreciated by our pharma customers.
We have been collaborating with cosmetics manufacturers who are highly satisfied with our vast expertise.

Natural Health Products

  • Site Licence application
  • Product Licence (NPN) application
  • complete quality assurance service
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) training
  • assistance in import/export of NHPs

Pharmaceutical products and drugs

  • DIN application
  • Establishment Licence application
  • Good Manufacturing Practices training
  • writting SOPs

Cosmetic products

  • cosmetic declaration
  • label review
  • iassistance of Import/export
  • establishment of Good Manufacturing Practices for cosmetics

Your satisfaction is our best publicity.  The quality of our work is our pride.  Our satisfaction: to find the right solution at a reasonnable price.

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Téléphone: (438) 830-8242